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9th Annual ETF Conference - Day 1 - Sessions 6-7 + Keynote (CETFA3)

2.0 IIROC: Professional Development: : 22-1291P

2.0 MFDA: Professional Development: 1000002115

Keynote: The most vocal proponent of Energy, Eric Nuttall, Sr Portfolio Manager, Ninepoint, believes that this sector represents the opportunity of a generation. Tune in to Eric's efforts at fighting Energy ignorance. Canada is uniquely positioned to play an important role in the realm of energy (and commodities in general). What would it take? What would it look like?

Session 5 – Bonds - With an exceedingly challenging backdrop as well as much uncertainty on all fronts, bonds in 2022 have arguably been as challenging as equities in terms of risk management. In this session, Natasha Kennedy from First Trust provides context and perspective, highlighting her firm's views and solutions.

Session 6 - Carbon Credits - Understanding what the carbon credit market is about, how it functions and trades, and why its investment attributes positions it to potentially play a role in the diversification of your and your clients' portfolios. ESG imperatives have - the laws of unintended consequences -unfortunately resulted in significant challenges. Are carbon credits a useful product?

Session 7 – Dividends - Outcome Metric Asset Management's Noah Solomon takes us through his methodology for investing in dividend equities.

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  • Eric Nuttall - The Generational Opportunity in Energy Investing
  • Eric Nuttall - The Generational Opportunity - Presentation File
  • Quiz - Keynote - Generational Opportunity in energy investing
  • Bonds in 2022, considerations for 2023
  • Bonds in 2022 - Presentation File
  • Quiz - Bonds in 2022, considerations for 2023
  • The Merits of Carbon Credits
  • Quiz - The Merits of Carbon Credits
  • The Merits of Carbon Credits - Presentation File
  • Dividends
  • Dividends - Presentation File
  • Quiz - Dividends
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