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9th Annual ETF Conference - Day 2 - Sessions 4-6 (CETFA5)

1.5 IIROC: Professional Development: 22-1295P

1.5 MFDA: Professional Development: 1000002117

Session 4 – Panel Discussion: Energy Crisis, Nuclear and ESG - While many would have Energy and ESG as mortal enemies, pragmatism needs to rule. What to consider?

Session 5 – Alternative view on Fixed Income: Take yields at an all time low, enter inflation and 2022, and BOOM, Bond returns exacerbate negative returns as opposed to providing the tradition offsets that has worked so well for so long. Now what?

Session 6 – In this session, the TMX's Graham MacKenzie provides some highlights of activities facilitated by the Exchange in 2022, as well as chat with a market maker discussing their challenges in a bear market.

CE Credits: 1.5 MFDA CE Activity Cod...: 1000002117 IIROC: 1.5 IIROC: Professional Development: 22-... MFDA: 1.5 MFDA: Professional Development: 1000...

  • Energy, Nuclear & ESG
  • Quiz - Energy, Nuclear & ESG
  • Fixed Income
  • Quiz - Fixed Income
  • Market Highlights from TMX & Market Maker Insights
  • Quiz - Market Highlights from TMX & Market Maker Insights
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